13 November 2007

Intelligent Design on Trial

I just finished watching Nova's presentation of "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial". I thought it was done very well, and if anything, this program should be shown in biology classrooms.

For those who missed the program, Nova will be making the show available on the internet in a few days on their website.

The part I found the funniest was that in drafts of Of Pandas and People, "creationists" got changed to "cdesign proponentsists" — a transitional fossil of text showing the link between creationism and intelligent design.

I remember when my sister was starting high school biology a few years ago - I asked her if they would be learning about evolution. It turns out the policy of the Vacaville public school district in CA was just to ignore the controversy and skip evolution all together (perhaps this has changed by now). Maybe that is the ultimate goal of the religious groups against the teaching of evolution, if you cause enough trouble, eventually people just start avoiding the topic.

It also makes me wonder about religious individuals that just refuse to listen to the evidence in support of evolution. Not only that, but threaten the lives of people trying to get evolution taught in schools. That they feel the need to fight so hard just makes me think they know their cause is unfounded.

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Jim said...

(yeah, this is commenting on an old post, but oh well)

Speaking of refusing to listen to the evidence, I've been talking online to Christians about evolution. They never cease to amaze at how willing they are to ignore any facts. It's like talking to little kids that hold their hands over their ears while yelling "lalalalala".

The thing I noticed in my most recent argument is at the beginning it was "where are the missing links?" When I tell them about the links, it's "but you haven't seen it happen." Then when I gave examples where evolution has been seen, it's "but that wasn't an impressive large change" and now they want changes without the links they were asking for earlier. Yeesh.

You make a great point about the intimidation factor. If you can't beat us, harass us and wear us down? Makes me want to fight even more. Thanks!