29 November 2007

Ethnobotanist model?

I was watching Project Runway tonight and for the first time they had to design men's wear - so as a result had male models walking the runway. The part that caught my attention is best summarized on this blog:

"Elisa continued her wacky shenanigans by closing her eyes and turning her back when her model was changing and camera talking that she didn't want to touch him, as her boyfriend was the only male she was comfortable using her organic methodology of design on. Which made it seem sexualized in a manner I am not sure she was aware of, as her model nervously told her he was interested in Ethnobotany and she rapturously told him "keep talking!". Um. Awkward?"
A model who is also an ethnobotanist!? The model is Conner, pictured to the right, and ethnobotany is the study of plants and their relationships with people and cultures. I'm sure female grad students everywhere are shaking their heads and wishing he had gone to grad school instead.


ATown said...

I was discussing ethnobotany in popular culture with a colleague, and she mentioned this incident. I went looking for more info about it, and came across your blog.

It's cool to see somebody I know from EEB blogging.

Amy said...

Atown, I'd be curious what other mentions of ethnobotanists in pop culture you guys came up with.