07 November 2007

Entomological origins of Pokémon

I just read a pretty interesting blog entry about Pokémon, which turns out is a series first started by an amateur entomologist. I can't say I ever paid much attention to the Pokémon themselves while my sister used to watch the cartoon, but it turns out that some Pokémon undergo metamorphosis in biologically real ways. I'll post some pictures below, taken from the Pokémon website.

For those who didn't read the blog entry I linked to, the cicada nymph-like Pokémon (Nincada) later emerges as an adult cicada (Ninjask) and its molted skin (Shedinja).

Who knew that Pokémon could also be (somewhat) educational?

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Anonymous said...

This is great...those of us in possession of children obsessed with Pokemon have long since recognized that the trading cards, at least, are just an elaborate systematics game --- e.g., the Pokemon are also arranged in "types" (~ families) --- and that many of them have names which consist of the names of their real biological origin taxa, spelled backwards.