07 December 2008

Anthrax plush

Giant Microbes just released some new plush microbes. One of which is Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis).
While cute, if this is one of your holiday purchases I wouldn't openly talk about mailing anthrax to people, especially while in line at the post office.


05 December 2008

Felt animal pillows

More gift ideas coming at you all week!

Allenbrite sells a variety of felt home wares, but their felt pillows really caught my attention. They are bright and cheerful, yet true to the animal featured.

I like the furry belly on the brown bat.


Mincing Mockingbird

While I was starting my holiday shopping/browsing, I came across The Mincing Mockingbird's shop that features very beautiful prints of birds with creative titles as well as magnets that feature birds making snarky comments.

Take a look for the bird lover or nature aficionado on your gift list.