13 November 2007

Course on Biology in Popular Culture

It's a great day for finding blog post ideas!
I found more really neat Pokemon that I will talk about at a later date (it seems people are finding this blog by searching "origins of pokemon").

Also by checking the recent searches resulting in hits, someone at the University of Richmond found my blog by searching "biology in popular culture". It turns out this blog is number 3 on google with that search!
The number one hit you ask? - the University of Richmond. Looks like they have a class (and lab) called "Biology in popular culture".

The course description from their proposal is below the fold...

"Current topics in contemporary biology will be used to introduce students to
genetic engineering, stem cells, and the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. These issues and the impact of this technology will be explored examining their various roles in the medical community and popular culture. Laboratory investigations will emphasize the scientific method allowing for student hypothesis driven experimentation. Will not serve as basis for further work in science nor meet entrance requirements for any health profession. Three lecture and two laboratory hours per week."

"It is essential for our students to understand the role of genetics and the
possible applications in their lives. In this course, examples will be taken from the popular press, web sites, movies, TV and novels to illustrate the roles (and sometimes incorrect presentation) of selected topics. Students will gain exposure (and experience) with tools and techniques common to genetic engineering. Two major issues, stem cells and the induction of antibiotic resistance in bacteria will serve as the basis for hypothesis-driven laboratory modules."

That sounds pretty cool, I'd take it if I were an undergrad. Here's hoping that the professor's refer them to this blog!

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