25 November 2007

Humans and Dinosaurs

Hope all of you in the blogosphere had a happy Thanksgiving!

A tradition of mine is to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving as a spectator sport - Americans are crazy and are willing to stand in hour long lines just to save $10.

So, while ogling the very long line for the checkout at Kohls (which wrapped all around the store) I saw a bunch of parents buying these dinosaurs, which turned out to be Imaginext toys from Fisher-Price and feature cavemen-looking men that ride on dinosaurs.

At first, I must admit that I was upset that kids might get the wrong impression that humans and dinosaurs ever lived at the same time. However, with a name like Imaginext I can see why the scenario of humans and dinosaurs living together might be a fun thing for kids to imagine. After all, re-runs of The Flinstones kept me entertained when I was young.

It turns out, however, that creationists think that this idea isn't just good fun, but rather that the Bible tells them humans and dinosaurs lived together. If you google "humans and dinosaurs" the first several hits are all from creationist websites. Instead of linking to any of these sites, I'll direct you to this blog entry instead that extracted some real gems on the topics of the Bible and dinosaurs. The fact that the old testament mentions dragons and that some people think this is the end all source of information just cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

What the hell Dinos and Humans never coexsists are you retarted

Anonymous said...

What is your problem of coures they coexsited what is your problem nver read your bible fool maybe you should because you have no clue
Luv Montana girl

Amy said...

I would be more willing to hear you out if you would read a dictionary.