24 October 2007

Scientists in Sitcoms?

My previous post about Friends got me thinking, are there other sitcoms that have scientists as characters? If you know of one, let me know via comments.

I think doctors, lawyers, and police officers are overrepresented, especially doctors.

A Google search revealed that the BBC is now filming "Lab Rats" a sitcom about a university research lab. You think that will ever make it to BBC America?

I also discovered that CBS has a sitcom about physics grad students, called "The Big Bang Theory" - I'm tuning in this Monday (it also appears that you can watch episodes over at CBS's website).


Em said...

What about forensics scientists that exist on crime dramas?

Amy said...

That's probably the closest thing to seeing DNA mentioned on TV currently. But as a scientist in an academic field, I can't say I identify much with them.