11 October 2007

Alton Brown and Good Eats

If you're a foodie and a scientist (like me) you are probably a follower of Alton Brown's cooking show, Good Eats. If not, and you have the Food Network on cable, it's a can't miss.

Alton Brown is a chef and a science nerd!

Highlights include a demonstration of how squid chromatophores work on "Squid Pro Quo II" (using balloons) and I learned a lot about avocados in the episode "Curious Yet Tasty Avocado Experiment". Such as, did you know avocados only ripen after they are picked from trees? So, growers just leave them on trees until they are needed - and that is why we can buy avocados year round. Now, if only the price of avocados weren't so darn expensive in CT.

I mention Good Eats now because episodes full of biology goodness will in no doubt warrant comments on this blog in the future.

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