26 October 2007

Scientific Pumpkin Carving

The weekend before Halloween is here, and it got me to thinking about scientists out there carving dorky yet awesome pumpkins. However, after scouring the internet it seems that there are few scientists, or science lovers, who also share my love of pumpkin carving (or at least, they aren't making science designs).

I myself am guilty of only carving one science related pumpkin in the past few years, featuring a DNA strand, leaves, and an insect to represent various interests in my department:

The few jack-o-lanterns I did find I'll post below the fold...

An awesome brain pumpkin carved by a brain surgeon.

Flasks of a science nature.

Some really cool jelly fish.

So come on biologists, by next Halloween I want to see lots of science pumpkin carvings.


Em said...

Hey! You figured out how to the "read more" thing! I'm hoping for a "Thrilla at the Villa" pumpkin this year. But no pressure.

MR said...

Yo, Amy, what are you doing tonight? I got some pumpkins, and some kids, and we got some carving to do!!!

Love the jellyfish....how do you do that thing where you don't carve all the way through, but the light shows?

Amy said...

There are a variety of ways to carve just the outside off, but I use a linoleum cutting tool which you can get at craft stores.