25 October 2007

Science Tattoos

So the blogosphere is full of links to links to links, so excuse my long list of relevant sources.

This post started at my seminar on science blogs, The Reluctant Geek, where we were looking at ant blogs. One ant blog, The Ant Room, links to a entry about science tattoos over at The Loom.

Anyway, Carl Zimmer started a Flickr page [Update: Now its own website] where you can post pictures of your science related tattoos. While discussing it in my class we could come up with a few examples of people in EEB here at UConn with science tattoos, so go and post your pics! And if you do, leave me a comment here.

Some tattoos I think are cool are below:

Sea Urchin embryo development & a Tree of Life

And this is my favorite, as it combines Darwin, and a reference to an R.E.M. song (my favorite band).

It appears this is no longer just a Flickr page, it has its own website. All the science tattoos pics can now be found Here.

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