12 October 2007

Purple loosestrife

It's the (youtube) video of the week:

Okay, really this is a pretty bad song, and I wish who ever edited this included actual pictures of purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria), but I see this as a great karaoke song at a meeting of botanists.

Purple loosestrife is a very aggressive introduced plant invading wetlands all over the U.S. (and elsewhere).

(insert bad segue here)

Speaking of songs botanists would enjoy however, check out my link for Songs about Plants (over there in my links bar), and send me suggestions of popular songs that include references to plants (although please, not songs about roses).

1 comment:

Jessica M. Budke said...

You were not kidding when you said the song was bad. I thought the song was funny, but could not finish listening to it. The singing is too painful.