30 January 2008

Child stars that turned into math/science geeks

For my return to blogging, I'm going to "steal" a blog entry from Eastern Blot, well, I'm going to link to it here and give a summary below. She has a interesting blog entry about child actors who've gone on to careers in math and science.

I watched a fair amount of TV as a child, and I knew that Winnie (Danica McKellar) from The Wonder Years was a mathematician but I just learned that Blossom (Mayim Bialik) from the TV show Blossom is getting a PhD in neuroscience. Both of which are shows I watched in the early 90s.

I also am a fan of The Shining, and it turns out that Danny Lloyd, who plays the child Danny in the movie, is actually a biology professor.

Less shocking than ethnobotanist models, but I'm glad to see not all child stars get pulled into stereotypical lives of drugs and shame.

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