04 February 2009

Songs about Darwin and Evolution

A video of Chumbawumba performing a song about Charles Darwin (via the Guild of Scientific Troubadours and Pharyngula) got me thinking about what other songs about Darwin and evolution exist.

The Mirror.co.uk was thinking along the same lines as me and has an extensive list of songs that Darwin might have put on his iPod on their blog (compiled by Mark Pallen).

So celebrate Darwin's 200th birthday on February 12, 2009 by playing some of these songs:

* Charles Robert Darwin, by Artichoke
This is a great biography of his life (lyrics) (listen)

* Part Man, Part Monkey, by Bruce Springsteen
A song about the Scopes monkey trial (lyrics) (video)

* Dance Like a Monkey, by New York Dolls
The music video is pretty amusing (video)

* Do The Evolution, by Pearl Jam
A song with a darker view of where evolution has taken us (video)

* Hey, Charly, by Suzi Quatro

* Darwin, by Third Eye Blind
"A chromosome divides, multiply and thrive, and the strong survive" (video of a cover version)

* Line in the Sand, by Motorhead
For fans of metal and evolution (listen)

* Evolution (Use your brain), by My Poor Kevin
I can see this song getting stuck in my head (video)

* Man on the Moon, by R.E.M.
A small lyrical nod to Darwin, "Mr. Charles Darwin had the gall to ask" (video)

And finally not to forget Richard Milner who dresses up as Darwin and sings songs about Darwin and evolution (website).

If I've forgotten a song you know about, post them in the comments!


Grant said...

This might not be exactly the right spirit, but Devo's "Are We Not Men?" - while explicitly about DE-evolution - does have the memorable bridge: "God made man, but he needed the monkey to do it/Hey, it's the plan, and we're all here to prove it./ I can walk like an ape, talk like an ape, do what monkeys do..../ God made man, but a monkey provided the glue."

I've also recorded a couple of songs recently where Darwin is namedropped, but they're just sort of floating around on the internet rather than being released by record companies.

(Thanks for the mention, by the way!)

The Bicycling Guitarist said...

I wrote a song in 1991 and rerecorded it in 2008 at Evolution by The Bicycling Guitarist

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

I've linked to this today on a post about introducing the idea of evolution to kids:
There's a great song for kids about evolution that I also link to on my post... :-)

javieth said...

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Anonymous said...

The British steampunk band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing did a song called "Charlie," which lampoons the 19th century response to Darwin's work.

Christopher Clark said...

I helped out with an evolution themed mix tape which includes some of the songs mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

"the idoit's are taking over" by NoFX is a great song about how the bush years made"Darwin roll over in his coffin"

TaleSlinger said...

"Charlie Darwin", by Low Anthem. Easily found on YouTube. I like this version:


Anonymous said...

I was making an evolution mix tape and these suggestions are the best.

apeman by Kinks

Missing link by Dan Bern

low low low by James

thanks !!!!


Mallory Hawke said...

You forgot "Evolution" and "Ecosystem", both by Danielle Ate the Sandwich

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