19 December 2007

It's a Big Big World

I am home for the holidays, and am watching TV at different hours than usual. Lucky for me, I caught an episode of "It's a Big Big World" on PBS. This show features adorable puppet animals that live in and around a tree and get kids to think about science and the world around them. From the PBS website:

"As they accompany Snook and his pals on adventures and investigations in the World Tree, kids will experience science, not as just a collection of facts, but as an exciting process of discovery. Viewers will see characters who are excited about science, who look for answers to the scientific puzzles they encounter, and who follow the steps and methods of scientific investigation. Through the stories of individual characters, kids will learn about different animals - how they live, grow, and change. The series will also introduce children to geography, providing them with a basic understanding that the world is bigger than their immediate surroundings and a sense that they are an important part of a larger community."

The episode I watched had a variety of science topics - they talked about sap (and how if kids had eaten syrup on pancakes they had eaten tree sap) and how the various animals ate in different ways. One of the characters is an old turtle, and they mentioned that turtles have been around for a really long time, before even dinosaurs.

I was impressed. Good job PBS, I'll watch again.

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